Learn about authentication and authorization

To start off with the topic first we’ll reach the introduction and then go through the flow of different types available to implementing a system. Then finally look at what commercial tools already exist to overcome the problems we will discuss about.

What is Access Control?


OOP concepts cannot be grasped without understanding these 6 core concepts in programming. They are,

  1. Class
  2. Object
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Inheritance
  5. Abstraction
  6. Polymorphism

1. Class

This is used to define objects. It’s basically used as a blueprint or a template to create objects, define their states and methods. So as to say states are variables/properties that define objects created by the class and methods are functions that the objects created by that class can do.

2. Object

This is an instance of that class with its states and methods. To create an object we use a constructor. …

Nisal Sudila

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